Tailored Thermal Buffering for Buildings

We develop

tailored latent heat storage.

Store thermal energy on your temperature level

We develop and produce freely scalable latent heat storage solutions. These materials can store high amounts of thermal energy on a temperature level of your application.

e.g. on the comfort temperature of your room

Save money

The availability of renewable energy fluctuates naturally. Our storage systems make you flexible in terms of time. You save money, regardless of whether you have your own PV or a dynamic pricing schemes

Good for the environment

Our storage solution are perfectly complementary to the heat pump allowing a more energy-efficiently operation. Compared to gas, you save 85% CO2 with MELT products and the heat pump.

In modern leigthweight buildings

The transformations in the heating and construction sector are leading to some correct and important trends: buildings are being constructed in an increasingly resource and time efficient manner. Lightweight building materials and natural materials play a major role here. 

However, these new constructions come with some challenges in terms of thermal comfort and flexibility, as the lower building mass leads to faster and greater temperature fluctuations. 

This results in rooms overheating and reduced comfort, if there is no active heating or cooling.

In addition to good insulation, which is now standard, the large storage capacity of MELT Plates leads to increased comfort, heat protection and potential savings in the transitional period, especially in combination with heat pumps.

MELT Plates*:

*If you have any questions about the calculation models used, please contact us

In roof constructions and retrofits

Even for existing buildings the demand for our solutions is increasing. MELT products are particularly suitable for roof renovations and additions of storeys, as they combine lightweight construction methods, high standards of comfort and a large external wall or roof area. 

The MELT Plate has particularly good heat protection properties here and functions as a thermal "STOP" sign in the roof for incoming radiated heat at a temperature level of around 25°C.without the use of noisy and energy-guzzling air conditioning units. This keeps attic apartments at a pleasant temperature on hot afternoons until it cools down at night.

for heat pumps and demand-based flexibility

In addition to increasing the comfort and additional heat protection, MELT products can do even more. In the energy system of the future, flexibility through storage will also be rewarded financially, as you can operate the heat pump or air conditioning system when renewable energy is available at low cost.

With MELT products in your building construction, it is possible to increase the degree of self-utilization of your PV. The increased thermal building capacity enables you to sit out times without self-generated electricity in a relaxed manner and at a comfortable temperature.

It is also possible to use dynamic electricity prices and the heat pump more efficiently. Here too, storage systems enable a longer heat pump runtime when electricity prices are low (e.g. depending on your location: a lot of wind in northern Germany, sun in spain, ...) and minimize the need to purchase expensive grid electricity.

...and a lot more

Our products do not discriminate ♥️ but can be used in a variety of ways thanks to their high storage density and surface area.

In principle, they can be used for any application that requires a low temperature fluctuation:

How it works

Phase change materials require large amounts of thermal energy to melt, which is released again when they solidify. 

MELT products make use of this physical effect. By inserting a material with a specific melting point into the building envelope that is tailored to the customers requirements, it buffers at the desired comfort temperature. This means customized heat storage according to your preferences and the conditions on site.

... So your heating can take a break on cloudy days.

... And you can keep your cool head on a hot summer day.

You can find more on this topic on our technology page

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Sonnick

Founder / CTO

Chemical Engineering, Dr.-Ing (german Phd)  (KIT)

10 years research experience for heat storage and vacuum insulation technology 

Frederik Wunder M.Sc.

Founder / CEO

Chemical Engineering

10 years of experience in heat storage solution with PCM and system integration with renewables

5 years head of research group "Measurement-based Materials / Renewable Energy"

Prof.Dr.rer.nat. Matthias Rädle


Professor Hochschule Mannheim

Founder CeMOS Cluster

experience and network from hundreds of industry-related projects from SME to large SEs

The two engineers Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Sonnick and Frederik Wunder M.Sc. have been in the field of energy-efficient system and product development for years, working at the CeMOS competence center, Mannheim. Reseach of interest being in the field of efficient heat storage systems (Industry and buildings) and insulators. They got to know each other while studying process engineering and chemical engineering together.

The third member of the team is her former professor, mentor and co-founder Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Matthias Rädle. The physicist has an excellent network in the region and beyond, can draw on decades of research and development experience and is therefore an excellent addition to the team. 

All of them are united by the mission of actively and creatively participating in the energy and heat transition. With products that inspire. Where our customers do not need to decide between climate benefits and economic viability - because both are possible at the same time.

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